3 Essential Canarian Cheeses

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23 December 2021

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3 Essential Canarian Cheeses

Today we propose 3 essential Canarian cheeses for exquisite palates. The Canary archipelago enjoys a mild and pleasant climate, from which the late cheeses from these islands receive their characteristic flavor. These 3 cheeses, which we propose, are crunchy with a golden crust and have a soft interior that whets the appetite. Our signature cheeses have been singled out for years by cheese aficionados.


On the Canary Island, goat cheese or mixed goat and sheep cheese predominate, with greater unctuousness. Fresh and white cheeses are especially consumed, but also cured, often made in an artisanal way. Artisan cheeses made with raw or pasteurized goat’s milk are the best known. Cheese occupies an important place on the tables of Tenerife homes, as a main ingredient or as an accompaniment to other typical dishes.


When you come to visit us at Hotel El Duque you will be able to try these and many other cheeses made on our islands. In our buffet, the cheeses of our island are essential since the Canary Islands are the autonomous community that consumes the most cheese in Spain.

3 Essential Canarian Cheeses



The Montesdeoca Cheese Factory continues to maintain the traditions and customs inherited from its ancestors in order to guarantee the authentic flavor, texture and aroma of an artisan cheese.

He has received a total of 66 awards, 41 of which are international: 1 at the 2018 World Championship Cheese Contest, 6 at the International Cheese Awards, 10 at the Global Cheese Awards and 24 at the World Cheese Awards, obtaining awards in all editions since to be presented for the first time in this prestigious competition in 2010. At the national level, the gastronomic fair Salón de Gourmets 2017 distinguished Montesdeoca semi-cured cheese as the third best smoked cheese in Spain. The trajectory of the Montesdeoca Cheese Factory is also endorsed by its 21 island awards and 3 business distinctions.


Smoked semi-cured


Montesdeoca semi-cured smoked cheese is made with the best fresh goat milk from our own livestock. This cheese is characterized by exhibiting a good and firm texture that brings out the pleasant flavor of goat’s milk. With a point of salt perfectly balanced with acidity, Montesdeoca semi-cured smoked goat cheese also offers a creamy touch and a long aftertaste. To these qualities is added the slight smoke flavor that characterizes it and invites you to repeat.

3 Essential Canarian Cheeses



Majorero cheese, from Fuerteventura, was the first goat cheese in Spain to obtain the Protected Designation of Origin.

Majorero cheese is a fatty cheese made with goat’s milk, of the Majorera breed, with eventual addition, when it is destined to the maturation of up to a maximum of 15% of Canarian sheep’s milk.

Cylindrical in shape, height between 6 and 9 cm, diameter between 15 and 35 cm, weight between 1 and 6 kg. Crust with the impression of the molds or pleitas on the lateral surface and that of the cheese maker on the faces of the bases, white and yellowish brown when cured.

Surface treatments (smeared) with paprika, oil or gofio can be carried out, the crust presenting in these cases the characteristic appearance.


The Majorera Goat


It owes its name to the island of Fuerteventura – Maxorata in pre-Hispanic times – of the Canarian archipelago, where it was formed and where the largest nucleus of goats of the Majorera breed is found.

It is an autochthonous breed, a pre-Hispanic presence of goats is described which were one of the livelihoods of the aboriginal population in the 15th century, with the conquerors came goats that along with the existing ones, and with the passage of time and the natural isolation of the Islands, gave rise to the Native Canarian Races, the majorera being the most abundant.

The majorera goat is a native goat breed of the island of Fuerteventura. It is widely spread throughout the archipelago, with a larger census being found on the islands of Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria.

3 Essential Canarian Cheeses



The origins of SAT Queso Flor Valsequillo date back to 1988, when its President, Mr. Francisco Martel, started the Cheese Factory after several years linked to the sector by collecting milk. What began as a family farm, today, after many years of effort and dedication, gives direct employment to more than 200 people and has become one of the main dairy industries in the Canary Islands.

This cheese factory specializes in the production of Fresh Cheese as well as Semi-mature and Cured Cheeses (with their different crust treatments, paprika, gofio, etc.), for those who use both Cow, Goat and Sheep milk, either in a mixture. , or goat cigars.




Cured Goat Cheese


The cheeses made from goat’s milk are the most appreciated of the Canarian cheeses for the high quality of the native goat breeds and consequently of their milk. Maturation is at least 6 months.

This cured goat cheese has obtained the following awards: silver medal of the world cheese awards 2016, silver medal agrocanarias 2016, gold medal of the world cheese awards 2010, bronze medal of the world cheese awards 2009, gold medal from the 2002 world cheese awards.




When you come to visit us at Hotel El Duque, do not hesitate to try these three fantastic cheeses from our islands.




The Hotel El Duque Team

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