4 Parties that you cannot miss in Tenerife

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23 February 2022

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4 Parties that you cannot miss in Tenerife

Book your trip to Tenerife and immerse yourself in its incredible natural beauty. Everything you need is here for you, from fantastic beaches and wine routes to incredible hiking opportunities. Tenerife and especially Costa Adeje, has the best beaches, the mild climate throughout the year makes it a pilgrimage site for tourists of all nationalities.


But Tenerife is not only sun and beach, its traditional festivals make our island a guaranteed cultural and fun site. Today we leave you 4 parties that you cannot miss. If any of them coincide with your visit, do not hesitate to ask at the Hotel El Duque reception how to get to them.

4 Parties that you cannot miss in Tenerife
4 Parties that you cannot miss in Tenerife



In February we have our Carnival. It is considered the second most popular and internationally known carnival, after those held in Rio de Janeiro. In fact, the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is twinned with the city of Rio de Janeiro for this reason.


For a few years now, Carnival Day has been held from midday on Saturday, filling the streets of the center with people of all ages and even entire families, who come out together to enjoy a party for everyone. This is a great opportunity if you come as a family and with small children, to get into the fun and good weather. The children will have a great time!


The Tenerife Carnival concludes with the traditional Burial of the Sardine. Time when the people of Tenerife start the countdown again, waiting for the next carnival to arrive.

4 Parties that you cannot miss in Tenerife
4 Parties that you cannot miss in Tenerife



On May 30th, Canary Islands Day is celebrated in all the Canary Islands. A festivity that commemorates the anniversary of the first session of the Parliament of the Canary Islands-based in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, on May 30, 1983.


The Day of the Canary Islands fills the streets of the eight islands with joy, where events and celebrations are held, with markets, live music, and displays of island folklore. At the tables, the most traditional dishes of each island are savored and all the corners of the archipelago share a proud feeling, that of being Canarian.

4 Parties that you cannot miss in Tenerife
4 Parties that you cannot miss in Tenerife



San Sebastián, co-patron saint of the municipality of Adeje together with the Virgen de la Encarnación and Santa Úrsula, celebrates his feast on January 20. At this time, it has become one of the celebrations that brings together the most people from all over the South of Tenerife. This is demonstrated by the large influx of people who meet at the mythical site of La Enramada, related in some way to agriculture and livestock in the region and the Island.


This is a very old party. It began in the early years of the 16th century in a place of worship prior to the Conquest and, over the years, it has been adapting to new customs. This festivity promotes a meeting in which adults and young people revive a tradition that goes beyond the religious, contributing to the strengthening of the spirit of coexistence and harmony among the inhabitants of the region.

4 Parties that you cannot miss in Tenerife
4 Parties that you cannot miss in Tenerife



The Fiestas del Carmen, a festivity in honor of the patron saint of fishermen, includes a fireworks display, a sea and land procession and a salve by the sea.

Every July 16, the virgin is embarked and paraded through the waters of the city’s bay along with other decorated boats. In addition, rowing boat competitions, jumps from the pier, etc. are held.


It is an opportunity to experience this party from the port, do not forget to go early to get a seat as it is a massive party. The virgin embarks in the afternoon, around 8, so you can wait for her having a beer and contemplating the city and her port.


Don’t miss our most popular parties!


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