Interview with Yaiza Abreu - Head of the flats department

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17 May 2022

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Interview with Yaiza Abreu – Head of the flats department

Welcome to a new post in our blog. Today we take you back to the heart of the hotel. This time from Yaiza Abreu, head of the hotel’s housekeeping department.


Yaiza has been working at Hotel El Duque for 12 years and has been growing and advancing little by little to become a housekeeper. Her daily work, together with that of all her team, makes her department one of the best valued by our clients, reaching an extraordinary level of quality.


At Hotel El Duque we demand very high quality standards in terms of cleanliness and organisation on a daily basis. This would not be possible without the entire team of the hotel.


Below, we leave you with this short interview with Yaiza Abreu, which she answered from the heart.

How long have you been working at Hotel El Duque?

 About twelve years ago, seems like yesterday.


You started as a chambermaid and worked your way up, has it been hard to move to manage the department?

Yes, it was difficult to be a colleague and then a boss. That’s why the support of the management and colleagues was fundamental. Having been a chambermaid and doing all the jobs in the department helped me to gain confidence when it came to giving an order and being sure that things had to be done.


What is the most difficult part of your job that no one knows about?

 It’s about balancing a worker’s personal life with work. I try very hard to do that. My first rule is that I don’t sacrifice service, but I love the fact that, even though we work in catering, my colleagues can go to events, to a party, communions, christenings, to the doctor, and so on. You have to fit it all in quite well. Once you give them the day off, you can’t take it away from them. That is to say, you take care of any unforeseen event: a sick leave, a temporary absence, an accident, etc.


Many of the hotel’s guest reviews rate the cleanliness as excellent, how do you achieve that level of quality?

With love. Love the work, the hotel, and the colleagues.

How do you feel about being responsible for one of the most highly-rated departments in the hotel?

I am speechless. Immensely happy and especially for the team. This is thanks to them. Those who want it and those who don’t want it too.


I feel super valued and proud of the team. To be told that it is one of the most highly-rated departments in the hotel is a great source of strength to keep motivating the first and the last person who joined the team and makes this possible.


What do you like most about working at Hotel El Duque?

 When customers look at you with their eyes, smile at you without speaking, and tell you with their eyes that everything is fine. Sharing that with a colleague is priceless. It is undoubtedly the best thing and I am lucky that it happens to me very often.


What would you say to someone who has never been to Hotel El Duque?

The first thing I would tell you is that inside this hotel there are many people with the desire and enthusiasm to guarantee you one of your best holidays. Also, you can see the respect for the environment, nature, and animals. I would encourage you to come and spend your holidays with us.

And this is the end of this short interview with Yaiza Abreu, head of the Hotel El Duque’s flat department. We hope you have enjoyed it and that you have got to know us a little bit better from the inside. Our team is the engine of our hotel.


We are waiting for you with open arms! Copying Yaiza’s words, “inside this hotel, there are many people with the desire and enthusiasm to guarantee you one of your best holidays”.

We are looking forward to your visit and hope you enjoy Hotel El Duque.


You can take a look at our website and have a closer look at the whole hotel.


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