The results of our environmental policy

Hotel El Duque

22 April 2021

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The results of our environmental policy

At Hotel El Duque we are committed to the environment and all our daily operations are aimed at producing the least possible impact on our environment.


Our mission is to improve year after year. In 2019 and thanks to obtaining the Travelife certification, we have realized the importance of sharing with our employees, suppliers and clients our concern for the environment and the achievements of our policies.


At the beginning of 2018, at Hotel El Duque Costa Adeje, Tenerife we set very clear objectives that, thanks to the help of our staff and our clients, we have achieved. After 3 years, we continue working day by day committed to the environment despite the fact that the hotel is currently temporarily closed due to the global situation we are experiencing due to Covid-19.

The results of our environmental policy

At an administrative level we have achieved:


  1. Get Travelife certification.
  2. Develop an internal policy to improve the daily management of water, energy, and waste.
  3. Share our policies and ideas with our employees, customers, and suppliers and get all of them to actively collaborate with us.

The biggest achievement has been the big step we have taken to try to eliminate single-use plastics:


  1. Replacing plastic straws with cardboard straws.
  2. Replacement of plastic cups with polylactic acid (PLA) cups.
  3. Replacement of disposable plastic coffee cups with cardboard cups.
  4. In the picnic that we deliver to clients who do not have lunch at the hotel, we have eliminated plastic bags, bottles, and containers, replacing them with paper bags and alternative packaging to plastic. We have also started wrapping our sandwiches in wax paper as a substitute for plastic.
  5. We have withdrawn the water sources that used 8-liter plastic jugs and have replaced them with filtration equipment connected to the drinking water network.

We have also removed plastic cups from all our departments and provided our workers with reusable stainless steel bottles.

Hotel Tenerife, Costa Adeje, Islas Canarias

Regarding water management:

  1. We have installed flow reducers in the taps in all rooms.
  2. We have reduced the use of water for street cleaning by using pressure cleaning equipment instead of conventional hoses.
  3. We have achieved that all our gardens are watered automatically by drippers.


Our first policies to reduce unnecessary resource consumption were related to better energy management. During 2020 we continue to improve and achieve:


  1. Replace all conventional lamps with equipment with LED technology.
  2. Clearly inform our customers about how they can help reduce our energy consumption.
  3. Replace the restaurant’s refrigeration equipment with others with better energy efficiency and install automatic doors at all entrances to minimize energy losses

Expand common areas that have automatic sensors to control lighting.

Hotel El Duque

We have also notably improved the waste management system in the hotel:


  1. We have placed containers for the selective collection of waste in all departments with clear and precise information on how to use them correctly.
  2. We have also placed containers for the selective collection of waste in the common areas of the hotel so that our clients can participate in improving waste management.
  3. We have improved our document management of waste.
  4. We require all our suppliers to be certified on the management of the waste that we generate and that they remove.
  5. We have registered with the Government of the Canary Islands as small producers of waste to improve the management process.
  6. We continue to improve our document management to minimize the use of paper.

Finally, we want to thank all the people and entities that have helped us improve and make our company better during these years.



After the good results of our environmental policies in the 2018-2020 period, we want to continue working and improving day by day.

From the problems detected in previous years, and with a clear objective of improvement, we have decided to establish a series of objectives for the coming years.

Regarding water management, over the last year and despite the measures we have adopted to reduce our water consumption, we have realized that consumption has not been reduced and we must improve our infrastructure.


  1. The main objective will be the complete overhaul of our entire drinking water and domestic hot water installation to reduce leaks that involve unnecessary water and energy consumption.


Regarding waste management we want:


  1. Bring the selective waste collection to the rooms.
  2. Expand the number of collection points in our common areas.

Other measures we want to take to continue improving during the 2020-2021 period are:

  1. Enhance nighttime lighting control with astronomical clocks that automatically adjust all day minute by minute.
  2. Continue to replace the refrigeration equipment in all our facilities with others with better energy efficiency.
  3. Continue placing automatic doors in refrigerated common areas to minimize energy losses.
  4. Improve measurement and control systems to know more precisely where and how we consume water and energy

Finally, we want to continue working on reducing the use of plastic:


Eliminating single-use plastics that we still use today.
Looking for better alternatives for those plastic products that cannot be disposed of.
Actively collaborating with projects that seek to improve the island’s ecosystems, through cleaning them and raising the awareness of all the people who enjoy them on a daily basis.

We firmly believe that all these goals are achievable and we will strive every day to achieve them. Do you want to help us?

Hotel El Duque

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