What to do in Tenerife: Pyramids of Güímar

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08 April 2022

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What to do in Tenerife: Pyramids of Güímar

The Pyramids of Güímar are located in the municipality of Güímar on the east coast of the island of Tenerife. They are located about 60 kilometers from Hotel El Duque.


There are six constructions in the form of stepped pyramids whose date of construction is the subject of debate, although the most accepted theory is that they are from the 19th century. The Pirámides de Güímar Ethnographic Park offers visitors the chance to contemplate these staggered constructions and learn more about their construction.

What to do in Tenerife: Pyramids of Güímar
What to do in Tenerife: Pyramids of Güímar

The Pirámides de Güímar Ethnographic Park was founded in 1998 by the renowned Norwegian researcher Thor Heyerdahl, who was responsible for safeguarding the pyramids from an urban plan, creating the Ethnographic Park to guarantee their study and conservation. Throughout its more than 64,000m2 you can discover the pyramid complex, the museum, the auditorium, several outdoor routes, large garden areas and much more.


There are several theories about the origin and antiquity of the pyramids. Some researchers propose that they are mounds of stones, called ‘majanos’, placed by farmers to clear the land in order to cultivate it. On the other hand, Heyerdahl related the existence of the pyramids to ancient civilizations, arguing that the construction details of the pyramids resemble the architectural principles used in the Old and New Worlds, and therefore could not be the product of a mere accumulation of stones.

What to do in Tenerife: Pyramids of Güímar
What to do in Tenerife: Pyramids of Güímar

Poisonous Garden


This interesting natural setting located on the park’s walks has the peculiarity of housing more than 70 poisonous plant species from around the world. A unique exhibition in the Canary Islands, which in its 1,500 m2 brings together some of the most toxic plants on the planet. The poisonous garden, in addition to being conceived to promote the knowledge, conservation and enjoyment of a different botanical collection, also aims, and from a playful perspective, to educate and raise awareness about the danger to man of the poisons present in the plant world. .


Designed for all ages, the poisonous garden is presented as a very attractive place for your family to enjoy. Children and adults will be able to learn about poisonous plants in a pleasant way.

What to do in Tenerife: Pyramids of Güímar
What to do in Tenerife: Pyramids of Güímar



On its twentieth anniversary, Pirámides de Güímar inaugurates the Tropicarium, the first botanical project developed in the park since it officially became a Botanical Garden in 2017. In the Tropicarium, created in collaboration with the University of La Laguna, you can observe some of the life strategies used by orchids and carnivorous (insectivorous) plants to survive in tropical conditions, with constant temperatures and high humidity. You’ll also find out why these two groups of plants caught the attention of Charles Darwin.


The visit to the Tropicarium is carried out with guides. You can check the schedules for guided tours on the website.


If you wish to visit the Pyramids of Güímar, do not hesitate to contact the Hotel El Duque reception. We will be happy to help you visit this interesting attraction.


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